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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pursuit of Happiness

All through our lives, we chase the objects that promise us happiness, like money, love, good times, fame, power, success, etc. But the paradox, is that we never really get happiness. Why? Because we look for it in the wrong place. Outside, not inside. We gallop after all that it flourishes, horse racing, cigarette smoking, Formula One races, partying till the wee hours and what not. But no sooner do we get there than the promised happiness either dissolves or is seen to not exist.

As long as the intellect and the mind do not do their duty by reining in and controlling the senses, the horses will run amok, charging after whatever attracts them without discrimination or restraint. And what happens? The rider never gets to the place he wants to go: peace of mind, happiness, health, even enlightenment.

Most of us pay obeisance to both for we are awfully torn between what we should do and what the heart wants to do...i am all the time. Instead of fusing all our energies into one direction, we fritter them by being pulled into two opposite directions. We long to stay slim, fit and healthy, but no sooner do we see a mutton biryani or hariyali kabab than our goal forgotten and we chomp right into them.My middle nam's a HOG(reminds me that my best friend gave me a superlative saying Nikita:most likely to finish all the food on the table and long for dessert";-)

We long for success but instead of gritting our teeth and working our heads off, we apple polish the boss and bitch about our colleagues. We vow not to gossip or bitch about others but no sooner do we catch hold of a juicy morsel, than we hasten to spread it among our buddies. Life is a long and wearisome struggle to get out of the hold of the devil within and listen to the Right.

When you pursue happiness, it eludes you. however, when you recognise that happiness is the soul’s natural state, all we need to do is eliminate all that comes between one's happiness

My mantra from today will be:Do not try too hard at being happy; just accept the current

In a sense, both the above scenarios are variants of the pursuit of happiness – a mantra of today’s world.

On the material front, When i mastered a cycle, I wanted a kinetic, when i got a kinetic, I wanted to drive acar to school. When I drive an accent today,i wanna see myself driving an Audi A4 in 3years time ...MY list is endless.
And so is the pursuit.

On the status front, the moment we get a promotion, we begin hankering after the next one. A pay hike is good only if nobody else has got a higher one. We want a separate cabin and privacy if the other guy has one. Again, the list is endless.
And so is the pursuit.

Even on the emotional and relationships front, our relationships are evaluated on the basis of how many visits, how many phone calls, how many invitations one gets and gives. We seek to create a perfect family of always smiling people around us, and are disappointed if things are not picture perfect. Yet again, the list is endless.
And so is the pursuit.
I was thinking today why i was unhappy without reason and i realised it's all in mind and the pursuit of a perfect world that we get unhappy....

So i guess its best if we just Scatter sunshine all the way...

One towards lasting happiness and fulfillment, the other towards temporary satisfaction and permanent regret. At the end of our lives, we will be able to gauge which of the two has been our guide and inspiration by examining where we stand. Are we happy, energised, buoyant and radiant? Are we tired, ill, impoverished and unfulfilled?

If you want to go East, don’t go West. If you want to lose weight, don’t eat fattening food. If you want to be fit, don’t give up your exercise. If you want to finish your project, stop chatting with your colleagues and checking the mail..can u imagine that am blogging right now on company time;-),,par gyaan baatne main kya jaata hain??

If you want to get enlightened, stop chasing good times. Refuse to betray your friends or your own values. Refuse to chase money, fame or power at the cost of values or principles. Refuse to indulge the senses.

And lo, your task is done, put the long term over the short term, the principle over expedience, the right over the tempting.


ashkd said...

rightly said.. :-) the most important point is to implement.. and that makes you to be aware about the quality everytime..

wish you would implement the way you have written.. :-)

Shivender said...

Everything said true! we all know it but the greed for more is whts keeps us alive the the confidence to achieve it keeps the adrenaline rush pumping through the veins.We will still never be content , after a audi A4 it will be a A6, then the A8....

Something there which is bugging u. mixed emotions coming out. get rid of it gal.

And ya we need go to west if we want west but east always looks more tempting doesn't it??? Rasik also calls me hog. his lines. har country mein jab koi chuza nahi sota to murgi kehti hai soja nahi toh shivinder aa ke kha jayega..... and ur question how is rasik. my ans he is grt .Is a TL in convergys now n is in my friends list

Writing blogs in office time is wht people do in india, that why we r indians ;). Ya i m in office.Hoping the next batch dosent come.Oh here it comes see ya....

Anshuman Negi said...


I really appreciate your blog !

Keep up the good work !

Anonymous said...

big words good vocab like always i dnt kno when i read the blog i could not stop from leavin a comment all said is good and all that glitters is not gold there is a devine power above which gives u oppertunities in life nd if u dnt grab urs in time u will look for it some time in life .cheers