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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

An ode to muh best friends:)

Well,,what do i say about fareena she is charm personified,like they say she brings me sunshine even on a dark cloudy day,have known her since was a kid,have practically spent the most important years of my life with her,owe a lot 2 her,when i first met her i didnt know we would come soo close one soo glad i have a friend like her ..with her i forget all my worries and she just takes it all away sumhow..shes been there for me whenever ive needed her and i wish her all the best always..She is lifes best gift 2 me after my family and its her birthday on the 16th of june,so i thought ill write about her and make her feel special coz thats what she truly is SPECIAL,in the very true sense of the word,,shes pulled me through the worst phases of my life,shes tolerated my mood swings and stood by me always,shes lifes best gift to everyone she lays her hand her with my eyes closed and trust me from someone like me its the perfect reward coz i dont usually trust a lot of people...

My other friend is a certain V.wont mention his name or his girlfriend would kill him and probably butcher me;))lol;)when i talk about him my face smiles unknowingly hes the kindaa guy who would bring life in a graveyard as well with his infectious laughter.those eyes that twinkle like the bright blue sky,the most adorable virtue he possesses is that even when life socks at his face he doesnt whine or pin a blame on sum1 else,simply dusts himself off it and makes a practical decision ..i feel it takes quite a bone to do that with soo much elegance,hes determined and usually wont back off till he sees a steamroller headed towards him,this man spurns at the very show of sentiment and people who have seen a glimpse of the real him would know that he would otherwise blush when no1's looking n then furiously curse himself for doing so and pretend to compose himself like nothing happened..Beneath all his hardness is a man whos as gentle,caring and his sense of humur is sensational,reminds me of a recent incident when the house he was staying in caught fireand burned down to ashes..,while everyone else whined and complained ..this man stood there looking for a while and then when i looked at him with watery eyes in a manner to say something that might comfort him he just said,dnt worry baby its time 2 go for some shopping would you have time thats what i call strength in the real sense..and a zest for lifethats phenomenal..his enthusiasm would make even a dead man wanna live life again and am soo glad that ive known him and i dont know if we stay friends forever or if life is kind enough to keep us together he would always be very close to my heart and i wish him a life of love,luck and happiness always
Cheers to both the most important people in my life
God Bless them Both!!

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