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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Probably the most important day of my life..turned out to be the worst one..its crazy how some mornings just bring no sun forget the shine and leave u soo cold..wat started as a crazy morning with a flat tyre ,no balance o the phone,people screaming their heads off at u on a busy highway looking at you like it was your choice to stay there in the middle of the NH8 stranded with nowhere to go,fearing the speedy cars wud just crush u on one of the most importnt days of any hoteliers life at the embryo stage....wen i was to appear for an OCLD interview..sitting across that chair in that interview room was never so tough.. like it had been was crazy,my mouth dry ,clueless about the bombarding of seemingly easy.. yet questions i never thought wud be even a part of an interview at that level.aint an excuse in any way.. clearly didnt give them any reason to eve think of recruiting me..its been my biggest failure in a very long time..never been easy 4 me to lose to sum1..never wud be..its hard to face defeat..always was..i never felt i did and then the people who u thought wud have wished well for you never suddenly all the hems came out loose and hanging all of which were once so beautifully knit together..i feel a sense of pain today and defeat..i got plenty strong words to give me sleep though by people who matter..but i miss the ones that once did..i wish em well n just wish they hadnt wished this way...its weird belonging to someone and then suddenly the loop breaks and we hang there in oblivion.absolute darkness..not that i regret..just wish well for those who didnt..wish well for those who said theyd hurt in alot of ways today..i clearly am ,,but let this affcet aint me..i wud never let that happen.its not human to stay unruffled but i proudly say i was true...and gives me great satisfaction in having decided what i did and lets hope for happiness..sincerely..for all of us..sounds philosophical but yeah am in my moods today when i just want to stay curled up in bed and and read a nice book by Coelho and just sipp some good home made tea..miss home today and miss the warmth of those who sinecerely care with or without our faults..reminds me of what they say..the only genuine thing is blood!!

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