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Monday, November 12, 2007

Bitter Sweet Memories...

After all the boo haa that was created… For the first time I realized the meaning of the phrase "BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER".. When the phone call came through ,it took but a moment to finish feelings ,smash to smithereens the memories, break the wall of the little faith that the woman I took as a Godmother had in each other, the person I soo admired and idolized and prized more than my own Mother.
Not that I have regrets...but it all went in vain.
there was soo much to be said and cleared but it was’nt the time, and there were no chances given .Perhaps coz the loudness in tone was a medium to justify their own shortcomings but that had nothing to do with the woman I loved so dearly. Her position and relationship with her kin was of utmost importance to her but if she were the woman I idolized there would be chances give, the tone would be calmer if not composed the anger would be enveloped if not hidden.
Maybe someday life would show reality, maybe not ,i feel stupid in having letting someone affect my existence to such a great extent ,feel stupid in having been vulnerable again with feelings and emotions. How I wish I would have known that blood is thicker than water.
Its ironical as to how things are today, it sure wasn’t the fate but what came as a surprise to all .it didn’t even take 24 hours for the emotions to evaporate but life makes you come across crazy happenings every day and it has once again got me to a standstill yet again with me questioning my own faith in myself. I wont say that it didn’t affect me coz it has shattered me in a lot of ways, but I know that I will come out strong. Will fight my fears and won’t let them haunt me for long .My life revolves around myself and my family and how I wish id realized earlier the meaning of the phrase!!!

“Sometimes it takes an unexpected encounter to put our life in perspective.”
By Ian Harrison.

I wish them well and would always do ,have had soo much to learn and memories that I would eventually try and forget but its sad to be associated to someone and forgotten in a jiffy ,I would try and do that too as it is comfortable to my existence but my mothers words today would always haunt me. .always...Im sorry MOM!!.i know that u being u would forget about it soon but i never would. .it affected you too and I know that for a fact My ‘LIFE’ said that I should have given them a piece of my mind but my respect for that woman is too strong though the feelings now would be hidden .I can never answer back to the people I soo dearly respect and she would always be loved by me and missed and she was and will always be the woman who I soo dearly idolized.!!

I would never forget today but will remind myself what Dad always says”

Even the worst haircut eventually grows out…..


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Right said fred!......Play life like a or white, because there is no third color to life. Yes, you respected the lady coz she deserved it in your eyes and now she showed true colors (which were definately neither black nor white!) so she deserves what she called for. Respect your loved one's to the core and cherish them, in good times and more so in bad times (of your's and their's). If you keep giving undue respect to the random people its injustice towards the one's who keep you up and ticking. Its a radical world, stay and fight it.....coz its survival of the fittest. 'Cry' in the arms of the person you love but 'shout' at this bloody world on the top of your voice......scare the shit out of people who do wrong to you coz, its your life......the world for you exists coz you exist...and you gotta MAKE IT BIG! Be IN or be OUT.....don't sit on the fence and even if you sit (by mistake!) drag the fence in your domain with all your force....that's attitude! Its all a dirty a venom, a pheonom....a RAGE!

God bless you.......Gaurav (with a G ofcourse you stupid cupid!)