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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Overrated TMTP peeka boos

Its always the same feeling.., like a lil girl entering first grade, butterflies in the tummy ,dew drops in eyes with the same sad parting feeling of trading a total comfort zone to coming to terms with a brand new world of fresh faces ,uncanny smiles, jilted expressions..

Take 2 : Picture this:-.a chaotic Indian railway journey with all these new people where Uno served as the only ice breaker. I was so uneasy with the thought of conversation and the verbatim of formal introduction rounds, with eyes scanning to conclude and draw nonsensical judgements on each others nature and past digs .I wondered to myself if this is what I had aspired for. We were these bunch of girls from varied backgrounds, varied cultures spanned across the Indian continent, put together as the chosen ones for the prestigious TMTP from all over India,wonder how they did that though in my case coz am sure a misfit here with all these nerds around me.but the only thing am proud of is that atleast I don’t fake being mtself,i dare to say what I think though its really not appreciated in the kind of industry am in ..but like I really care a fig!!! The fakeness of a few faces alerted my senses , however the warmth and genuinity of a few was a relief. I wonder sometimes why people are not comfortable in their own skin, why pretend being all sugar caramel coating when the insides a burnt bun….personally I come from a background where we respect honest behaviors even if not polished, with an innate ability to sniff the wannabe Goody two shoes who are soo conscious of hiding their trueself....i understand diplomacy but hypocrisy is a major turnoff.....I don’t understand why should people hide who they truly are and what they’ve been., who the f** has the time n energy to get into details but why lie..its crazy how people coat their true self n their past varnishing it with false lies with an attempt to gather sympathy or sometimes just to hide the blemishes, but like h3y say the more u coat these things the more they shine out… .it’s crazy ..just be yourself man. .n wateva and whoeva you are we al rock in our own special ways. .i mean i do (lol;).. cant ignore myself for to long ;))
I longed for a warm hug and a glancing at the watch striking five .my mind longed for my mum's chai session and our famous long conversations in the balcony over and everything under the sun .With an uncomforting solace I forced myself to sleep...
Take 3:
Welcomed by the heat and humidity of Mumbai , the days at the Taj Mahal progressed. We were in the lap of sheer luxury, the extravagance of the full breakfast buffet, from laundry, housekeeping and cab drop a phone call away we were spoilt to the core. .
Just wish this year gets through well hoping to Kick ass …..


S said...
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Shivender said...

Life gives unexpected turns n twists , guess thats the fun of it!! U meet some people who are disgustingly pathetic n u dont know wht to make of them...........On the other hand u meet people in a different city, not knowing wht to expect,have a lot of anticipation ,n thinkin wht to do. But u find someone whom u click with and ur thought process match and u have the best of time n try to fit the equation of being ecstatic in all the moments to come.