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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Celebrating Women's Day(or just providing SYMPATHY!!!)

Women's Day ...really why is it that the men dont have a day tributed to them like we do ..the real reason coz they are the ones who are truly liberated since the time they fucking start breathing life..i have nothing against Men in general I want to clear that in the first place as am blessed with the not soo traditional male in my life and family who take pride in Me and in all my endeavours but this is crying out loud to the society around me and the average male dominated world still.... when i was reading the newspaper this morning ..i asked myself why is it that we celebrate a day devoted to ode the Women..why not have a men's day...are we really liberated ????..when we earn money and are independent why is that stories of independence are glorified abt girls entering the male bastions and conquering "their world" like they put it..i mean i do everyhting that any Guy could possibly do....but if a girl earns money it is always referred to as "additional income ".that is sheer disgrace ..and the guy is the bread earner and even if the girl earns more than the guy .. Remember ladies it would always be Additional Income...i read an article day before where a woman drowned her 3 girls coz she wanted a boy and the girlchild was a liability as they were poor .. first started with the "Mumbai Molestations" as media referred to it. Two women were groped and pinched in public and the women accused didnt even want to press charges coz of family pressures .. these were educated women.the literate and the aware ones, why has the society become so insensitive and not to forget the boohaa created a self righteous guy went and told the media that it was the girls fault as they were partying on new years eve and were inappropriately dressed and must have been drunk already ..i mean is partying a crime for ladies ... lets first clarify what is an appropriate dress,the saree where in ur breasts are soo prominently shaped and seen from both side angles and the waist which can be seen right till rthe navel not to forget the blouses and the backs and super cleavage eye popping sights..Like if we're covered from head to toe, men would totally keep their hormones in check and worship us? Why is it that the first question that pops up when such a thing happens is about the woman's conduct or lets put it if they were asking to be groped? I mean, WTF I just don't get it.
jeese for christ sake the Le Meridian incident wherein the poor NRI girl was told that giving a BMW as dowry and getting all cozy with the father Inlaw was Indian tradition of having harmony and she should not raise her voice and what is the society doing abt such things,when will we be spared of all this bullshit ...
i recently happened to travel for an interview in Jaipur and i had to travel by bus and this guy oops a man travelling with his wife and child was my biggest threat ,i mean can u imagine the audacity of him staring at me continoulsy for almost three hours and the wife is looking elsewhere not bothered and simply ignoring her beau's tactics to get my attention..wish i was a goons daughter so i could shoot all of these people i mean for christ sake ..when his lil son in the wife's arms started crying and instead of helping his wife to calm the child he looked embarassed..sure he wouldnt be so when he was planning the child or accidently had him..till when will we pretend like all this never happened..fucked up man!!

Pray lets wake up please!!

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Anonymous said...

When I asked my mother, 'How can I find the right woman for me mom?', she thought for a while and answered,
'Don't worry about finding the right WOMAN son - just day by day concentrate on being the right MAN'.

Respect women people, afterall you came out of a woman right!

Gaurav Pareek - (still Nikita's Gaurav with a 'G')