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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Growing Up

i feel we as kids have been sold a lifetime of "commercial dreams" of white weddings, fluffy feathered pillows, cushioned thoughts and oh not soo reaistic illusions of life ..We grow up to expect a fairy tale that evolves around a self-evolving superficial premise that only brings momentary happinessand superficial pleasures. The picture that we create in minds causes mental disharmony when it is not realized as an adult. Work hard not only for yourself but for others (your partner, etc.). This has a double benefit. It allows one to actually achieve a sense of accomplishment while giving you less time to dwell on all the things in life that are soo totally wrong.
i used to wonder and find and do things that wud give me joy which at that time was bunking skul wid muh best pal bunking hers n sittin at the ghat..grab a chilled coke n a pack of chips n goo shoppin if we were rich in th crowded streets but come bak empty handed or wud get caught @home as we were supposed to be in skul remembaa..n marvel at the exquisite nature and enjoy watching the sunset over the water, or singing with friends that wud join in later around a campfire,this wud at that time give us such kicks as i call it and bring true contentment instead of our oh nt soo or so sophisticated frnz who wud frown at being in a place without an air conditioner..and get on the dirty desks with at the sight of a bug 2oofeet away..yeah its a bug n even if it bites..freak man..happiness i feel still is like watching a dog chase its tail - it may brush it, but it will never actually get it.

such creature comforts have become such a prison sentence thesedays i feel. It drives me nuts that they were sooo so restricted and missed out on so much of life. So what if you sweat a little; No, the seat does not have triple-layer cushions for your derriere, but focus on this they wud b Breathe in the fresh air and let it fill their never exercised bodies with joyfor christ sake i feel they wud always be bereft of watching the spectacular sunset throw magnificent colours across the horizon; listen to the birds singing as the water gently laps against the pier.i would always wonder at that time wud they ever make a conscious effort to turn down the air-conditioning and feel the heat a little so one is free from being so "soft"... never being weaned off dependency on creature comforts, missing out on many great wonders of the world…
muh dad always taught me to see past looking for the versace clothes, the oh not so worth it habib haircut, n the manicured varnished nails as he'd put it., and look to the heart of the person you are with, because more often than not the ones that are engrossed in the clothing are also engrossed in the superficial. They may not be the one that stands by your side through thick and thin. They may not be the one that step up to the plate when the going is rough without blame, but with just a commitment to make it right. Determine a person’s sincerity by their actions and not their words. i remebaa his oh soo favourite lines he constantly usedwhich at that time i thought had something to do with the;))...
"""""Don't just be a product of your environment. Live effectively. """""
cheers to u dad

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